Beutech Agro in Steenwijk (The Netherlands) was established in 2013. Our people know how to tackle their work; they are mostly farm boys that like to come to your farm and exchange opinions. We will naturally use our craftsmanship to find the best solution for you. This will often be customized. When doing so we do not forget the price-quality ratio.

Our partners

We constantly trive for innovation. We do so with innovative partners that share our vision, like  Bayer CropScience. Together with this international German enterprise Beutech Agro has developed the  Phytobac. We are also proud of our cooperation with our sister company Appel Bouw BV. This specialist does the audits and maintenance of the manure storage systems of our clients. Furthermore, we cooperate with Ten Cate. We supply their Nicosil® System, thé solution for covering your silage.

About Beutech Kunststoffen & Bewerking (Plastics & Processing)

Beutech Agro is a segment of Beutech Kunststoffen & Bewerking B.V. in Steenwijk (The Netherlands). In the way that Beutech Agro is known in the agricultural sector, Beutech Kunststoffen & Bewerking is known in the industrial sector. It was established in 1993 In Havelte. Initially it produced PVC lead-in pipes (sleeves) for the construction industry, but soon it added floorboards for meter boxes. Today the company is a broad oriented plastics manufacturer. Nowadays, apart from lead-in pipes, also storm drain catch basins, hand moulded fittings and various products of PE and PP are manufactured. Moreover, Beutech Kunststoffen & Bewerking has a field service, so plastic pipe systems can be fitted on location. The company has about 70 employees.