The strong points of Beutech Agro are: supply, installation, audit and maintenance of your manure storage systems. Our tanks and lagoons are also suitable for collecting water, sludge and other liquids. Our way of working? We take the work from beginning to end off your hands. For that reason we take our advisory role extremely seriously. After careful consideration together with you, we will find the best solution for your situation. You always get honest and clear advice. We want you to buy the manure storage system that suits your business. By the way, we do not only supply storage systems. Beutech Agro also has silage cover systems, mixers and a Phytobac system.

Only Top products

Needless to say, your new tank should be user-friendly, sustainable and above all have a good price-quality ratio. Our storage systems and covers have the Dutch Kiwa-certificate and Beutech Agro is ISO-and VCA-certified. These certificates prove that the manure storage systems have been tested independently and meet all requirements. Moreover, we stand fully behind our products and know from experience that they are good.

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Our services?

  • You get the system that suits your company.
  • We do the environmental reporting and planning application for you.
  • We have a very tight schedule, so you know when the job will be delivered.
  • You will get custom-made work.
  • Additional pipe systems are also arranged by us.
  • If you wish, we also do the audit and maintenance of your tank.
  • Your storage system meets all your requirements.
  • We also do repairs.

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